Is life too expensive?

I am beginning to wonder if life is just becoming too expensive. To be honest, I grew up here on the Isle of Dogs and it never used to be terribly expensive to live here but now it is really expensive. Houses that used to sell for less than £100,000 are now selling for almost a million pounds. That is incredible to me, and I am not sure that local people are going to be able to afford to buy these houses. Most of the girls here at Isle of Dogs escorts are certainly not going to be able to buy them. I think that a lot of them are going to go to rich foreigners.


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Most of my friends who I grew up with here in the Isle of Dogs have moved away. I am lucky that I was able to get this job with Isle of Dogs escorts otherwise I don’t think that I would be able to live here neither. I bought this old flat a couple of years ago, and I was lucky to be able to afford that. It was only because a relative had died that I was able to buy the flat, otherwise I would not have been able to. The inheritance did really give me a good boost.


I also find that food prices are going up a lot and many locals find it hard to buy food. My mom has struggled on a couple of occasions and I have helped her out. It is not expensive food that she is after. She only buys buys basic stuff and I always make sure that she has plenty of healthy food around. Fruit and vegetables are important. Fortunately we have a local market and there are a couple of stalls on there which are really good. They have special bags with a selection of vegetables and they all taste nice.


It is said that London has come to this. Many of the girls from Isle of Dogs escorts are from different parts of the world. One of my best friends at Isle of Dogs escorts is from Poland, and she says that things are worse in Poland. She sends a lot of her money home, and makes sure that she saves a lot as well. When she is not around my place, she lives in a flat with two other girls. It is costing a small fortune at the moment, and the landlord wants to put the rent up again. Honestly, I think that we need some sort of form of rent control.


Would I leave London? I don’t know about that but at times I do feel a bit alien in London. The city has changed so much in recent years, and I am not sure that it feels like home any more. Some of my friends at Isle of Dogs escorts who are London girls feel the same way. I find it kind of said that we should have to feel like that. The city is for all of us and we should be made to feel that we belong here in London. I think the government would like it to be a city for the mega rich, and rather see the back of us original Londoners. That is not right at all and I am not so sure that I agree with all of the policies. I hope that our new major can do us proud.