Love without borders

My boyfriend is a doctor and works for the charity organisation called Doctors without Borders. I really do admire his work and I can understand why he does it. The only thing is that h goes away for long period of times, and he may even be away for Christmas. Coming up to Christmas London escorts is really busy but after the 20th, it seems like all of my London escorts dates disappear. Perhaps they go home to put their Sexy Santa outfits on or head for Lapland.

It is during that time I am really miserable without my boyfriend, and I miss him like mad. If I have plenty if notice that he is not going to be home, I often book a holiday with the rest of the girls from London escorts. Taking a holiday with my girls from London escorts is okay, but it is not the same thing as spending with my boyfriend. It is all the little things he does that matters so much like pancakes in bed.

If he is away this Christmas it is going to be the second year in a row. I am prepared but I have not booked a holiday. A couple of the other girls at our London escorts service are going to be staying in London, and we are hoping to have a party on Christmas Day. One of the girls who works for our London escorts service is Greek and her family throws the best parties. It sounds like we are going to end up there and I have already started to stock up on champagne.

This would mean that my boyfriend would come home in February. I have told my boss that I will be taking three weeks off from London escorts when he comes home, and he is okay about that. He really admires what my boyfriend does and I am sure that he is not the only one. Most of the girls at the escort agency like to support a charity, and Doctors without Borders is one of the most popular ones at our escort agency. It is a good cause and so many people of the people that work for the organisation are so brave. They even had to deal with Ebola.

I wish that things were different, but my boyfriend is amazing. He put himself through medical school after having worked for a male London escorts service. Most doctors come out with huge debts but he was really careful, but did blow all of his money he earned with London escorts. When he has some more experience at the end of the next year, he is going to apply to the Air Ambulance Service in Australia, and try to get a job. If he does, I am going to quit London escorts, rent out my flat and we will get married and live in Australia for as long we can and enjoy it. Who knows? We may even become permanent poms as they say.

The Five Most Dangerous Sex Positions

When we think about dangerous sex positions it’s easy to imagine some scenario involving a BDSM like harness, whips and chain set-up; but truth be told even some of the most ‘vanilla’ sex positions can potentially lead to injury for one or both of the participants. You might well be surprised by a few of the popular entries on this list, so in no particular order here’s a run through of the five most dangerous sexual positions.

1. Doggy Style

One of the ‘big three’ sexual positions alongside missionary and cowgirl, doggy style has the inherent risk of things accidentally – and rather alarmingly – ending up in places where the sun doesn’t shine. In the heat of the moment it’s all too easy for unintended anal penetration, which when accompanied with a deep hard thrust, and without lubrication, can lead to anal tearing and even penile fractures. Even when performed more elegantly, if the angle is too deep and elevated there’s a chance of vaginal tearing too – so be careful!

2. Oral Sex

Even the cleanest mouth is packed full of germs and bacteria that will gladly help spread yeast infections, chlamydia and other nasty diseases. Some studies suggest that men who regularly go down on their partner have a considerably enhanced risk of developing some forms of oral cancers too. Plus, there’s the chance of eye infections from errant sperm.

3. Sex On a Surface

Anything goes in the heat of the moment and using a tabletop, kitchen counter or similar surface to prop up a partner is one of the most satisfying sexual positions. However, it’s also – for pretty obvious reasons – one of the most dangerous, because keeping balance on an elevated surface requires not just great concentration, but quite a fair amount of stamina too. Obviously using glass topped furniture multiplies the potential risk.

4. Sex in Water

Shower, bathtub, pool, Jacuzzi sex sounds awesome until you actually try it. No matter how it’s portrayed in the movies, the fact is that it’s uncomfortable and also pretty dangerous. Water destroys both natural and artificial lubricant, meaning that chaffing, tearing and bruising is far more likely for both partners. Likewise, it gets extremely slippery, and there’s a good chance of slipping and falling which can cause nasty injuries. Needless to say, this isn’t recommended.

5. Missionary

The oldest technique in the book and the one that separates humans from any other species, the missionary position. Popular because it allows for maximum penetration at a comfortable angle for both parties. The downside is that this position directly rubs together the urinary tracts of both people, making cross infection of urinary conditions much more likely. The depth of this position can also encourage extreme vigor, heightening the risk of bruising and tears.

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