The Five Most Dangerous Sex Positions

When we think about dangerous sex positions it’s easy to imagine some scenario involving a BDSM like harness, whips and chain set-up; but truth be told even some of the most ‘vanilla’ sex positions can potentially lead to injury for one or both of the participants. You might well be surprised by a few of the popular entries on this list, so in no particular order here’s a run through of the five most dangerous sexual positions.

1. Doggy Style

One of the ‘big three’ sexual positions alongside missionary and cowgirl, doggy style has the inherent risk of things accidentally – and rather alarmingly – ending up in places where the sun doesn’t shine. In the heat of the moment it’s all too easy for unintended anal penetration, which when accompanied with a deep hard thrust, and without lubrication, can lead to anal tearing and even penile fractures. Even when performed more elegantly, if the angle is too deep and elevated there’s a chance of vaginal tearing too – so be careful!

2. Oral Sex

Even the cleanest mouth is packed full of germs and bacteria that will gladly help spread yeast infections, chlamydia and other nasty diseases. Some studies suggest that men who regularly go down on their partner have a considerably enhanced risk of developing some forms of oral cancers too. Plus, there’s the chance of eye infections from errant sperm.

3. Sex On a Surface

Anything goes in the heat of the moment and using a tabletop, kitchen counter or similar surface to prop up a partner is one of the most satisfying sexual positions. However, it’s also – for pretty obvious reasons – one of the most dangerous, because keeping balance on an elevated surface requires not just great concentration, but quite a fair amount of stamina too. Obviously using glass topped furniture multiplies the potential risk.

4. Sex in Water

Shower, bathtub, pool, Jacuzzi sex sounds awesome until you actually try it. No matter how it’s portrayed in the movies, the fact is that it’s uncomfortable and also pretty dangerous. Water destroys both natural and artificial lubricant, meaning that chaffing, tearing and bruising is far more likely for both partners. Likewise, it gets extremely slippery, and there’s a good chance of slipping and falling which can cause nasty injuries. Needless to say, this isn’t recommended.

5. Missionary

The oldest technique in the book and the one that separates humans from any other species, the missionary position. Popular because it allows for maximum penetration at a comfortable angle for both parties. The downside is that this position directly rubs together the urinary tracts of both people, making cross infection of urinary conditions much more likely. The depth of this position can also encourage extreme vigor, heightening the risk of bruising and tears.

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